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The ultimate guide to: EATING AT A BUKA IN LAGOS

Eating out is an activity that can not be avoided in Lagos. It is also one of the best ways to have an adventure in Lagos; through the sweet and the sour, spicy and savory.

One of the most popular locations to eat out in Lagos are Bukas. Take away fancy decor, lighting and posh wait staff, enjoy the heat of having the cooking area a few feet away, and the delight of hot, fresh, local delicacy.

Are you a sucker for fried stew and white rice with soft plantains; amala and gbegiri; eba and ogbono? Whatever your meal of choice happens to be, here is the ultimate guide to eating at a buka in Lagos.

  • Don’t wear white

This should be in the handbook for eating out anywhere, particularly bukas due to how colorful the meals turn out to be -on your clothing too. An accidental slip of your hands, or a stubborn tug at a piece of meat can end in tears.

  • Don’t wear long sleeves

You want to enjoy your meal? Ditch the sleeves. Or better, roll them up as high as you can. You have to really dig in to enjoy the food at a Buka, literally.

  • Dress comfortably

Chuck your tie, loose a few buttons and overall, be as comfortable as you can. You need balance to be able to absorb the delight of eating at a Buka and a tight skirt won’t help you do that.

  • Hold your change

Bukas have an influx of customers, and no loose change. To avoid being stuck, have as much loose change with you as you can. Think a Lagos conductor is good at harassing passengers over change? Wait till an overworked buka attendant does.

  • Choose Water over Soda

Soda has its flavors and they may interfere with the savoring of your meal. Choose water as an alternative that is healthier, cost-effective, and improves the experience.

  • Eat with your hands…If you can

If you are having any local food that comes in wraps, ‘eba’ ‘amala’ and so on, it is best enjoyed by eating with your fingers (not cutlery). However, there are personal reservations so, you won’t be cancelled as a Lagosian if you choose to delve into your fufu with a fork.

There you go,

Now you won’t ever be caught unfresh in a Buka.

Enjoy your weekend, and be sure to check out a Buka near you!