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Tips for a Friday night (in) out! #COVID-19

Yesterday, 26th of March 2020, Nigeria confirmed 14 new cases of Coronavirus and that has put a damper of sorts on Friday Night plans.

Still, we have to TGIF.

Just with caution.

Sticking to the social distancing guidelines from the World Health Organisation and NCDC directives, it’s going to be a Friday Night In.

But you can still have fun, how?

Check out these tips for having a fun TGIF at home!

1. Netflix & Chill

Remember that ‘my list’ you’ve been adding movies and shows to, since the beginning of the year? How about watching some of them and ticking off the list. And if you have a partner to chill with, by all means go for it!

2. Create a Playlist of Vibes

Home alone? No worries. Go on your favorite streaming app and create a lit playlist to share with your squad for the weekend. Hook it up to your sound system and get started on your weekend chores or simply lean back and enjoy your excellent taste in music!

3. Try out a new recipe

You’ve been taking screenshots of google pages and stocking up ingredients in your pantry, don’t deny it. Now is the time to try out the recipes and cross them off as hit or fails.

4. Complete your Reading list

Don’t just be the lister, be the reader. Check off one or two books on your reading list and if you are one of the exceptional ones, you can read while listening to a playlist of awesomeness.

5. Cuddle & Catch-up

If you have a significant other that’s practicing social distancing with you (*coughs* can’t relate), then you can take tonight to cuddle with them while catching up with some soft music in the background.

Whatever you opt for, remember that by practicing social distancing you are flattening the curve of cases and protecting yourself and loved ones.

Wash your hands. Stay safe. Stay at home.