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Tips for Overcoming Job Interview Anxiety

It’s 3 days to your interview; you have prepared and practiced in front of your mirror and the bathroom a lot of times
However, there is the sinking feeling you keep getting about how the interview might play out.
To anyone reading this, it’s okay to feel anxious before any interview but it’s a bad idea to allow it to overwhelm you; at any point in the interview, the interviewer may notice that you are stammering, breathing heavily and babbling.
You need to know how to resist anxiety so you have the chance to prove yourself to the interviewer and showcase skills that would make you the perfect prospect for the job.
Below are some of the reasons you might be feeling anxious and ways to combat it;

The feeling that you are not enough: Most times, we feel that our skills are inadequate compared to the job we applied for. Whether your skills are adequate or not, you should always prove yourself rather than downplaying your achievements and ability to do things.

Feeling that you might be rejected: Worrying about the fact that you might get rejected is normal. Instead of thinking about rejection, you should direct your thoughts into preparing for the interview.

Ways to Overcome Pre-Interview Anxiety

  1. Clear your thoughts: Your mind needs to be free of all sorts of things and you can do this by taking a walk, playing
    a game, or talking to someone about other things.
  2. Be positive: Thinking about negative things can allow you to downplay the skills you have. Clear all negative thoughts out of your mind and positive things about yourself. Affirm them by saying the things you want to achieve aloud.
  3. Carry out necessary research about the company: Always carry out research about a company before going into an interview. Practice common interview questions as this would help you answer questions with certainty.
  4. Don’t answer questions fast without understanding them: Always analyse a question before answering it. Understanding the question would give you the chance to answer it better.
  5. Do well to ask the interviewer questions: Asking the interviewer questions would help evaluate the company and help you in deciding whether or not you want to work for the company. You can throw a question back to the interviewer if you did not get to answer it well.
    The key to overcoming pre interview anxiety is preparing well and being confident in yourself. Face those jitters and smash that interview.