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Tips on how to write a cover letter

Yes, writing a cover letter can be tasking. But the question is “what is the appropriate way to write a letter to get the job”? No effective letter guarantees a job but it can increase the chances.

First, let’s talk about what exactly a cover letter is. A cover letter is a one-page letter used to describe or talk about why you are the best candidate for a particular position with your CV or resume usually attached and is mostly sent by mail. For your letter to be effective, it has to be formatted properly. It’s a summary of your CV or resume so it has to be short, precise and have a formal tone. Here are a few tips on how to go about writing your letter:

Get the details of the job

While applying for a job at a company, make sure you get enough details about the job, so that it would evident in your letter that you have an idea of the job. Your past experience at your previous job that relates to the job can also be mentioned.

Know the company

Find out more about the company, make your research! Visit the company’s website, social media platforms, recruitment advertisement and other things related to the company.

Check for errors

Once your cover letter is ready, proofread! Check for grammatical errors and typos. It should be relevant but not repetitive. Don’t just rewrite the entire resume in the letter. A cover letter is supposed to be short, so just summarize.


The font size shouldn’t be too small or too large. Strictly use a regular font that is easy to read(for example font size 10 or 12).

Personal details

The main goal of this letter is to improve your chances of a job interview and selection. A good application drives a positive pre interview energy. Put your details and job experiences that shows you’re a good candidate for the job. It should emphasize what you have to offer to the company.

Thank you for reading!