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Top 10 skills that would benefit your resume

Most employers put so much effort into recruiting the right and perfect candidate for their company. To get their attention there are some skills that they look out for in resume; they are referred to as employability skills. These skills are what seems you fit for the job so your work experience has to show your competency.

Here are some of the skills recruiters look out for:

Commercial Awareness

Most employers expect you to have a proper understanding of their business. ‘How it works’, ‘How it makes money’ and ‘How the role applied for contributes positively to the development of the company’.


This includes the written and non written mode of communication. How you express yourself matters a lot when communicating with team members/colleagues and also how you handle different types of clients.


This is basically about how you are able to work with others in a team. How you are able to handle the actions, behaviours and responses of others.

Negotiation and Persuasion

This is based on how you are able to make an agreement and also understanding where the other party is coming from and work on something everyone can benefit from.


You have to be able to prove to your employer your ability to lead by example, assign tasks, setting goals and meeting them.

Analytical skills

This is the ability to work with data. That is, looking at pattern and trends and drawing meaningful conclusions from them. For instance, for someone who is into literature reading a text and critically creating a qualitative argument. This analysis is then used to make business plans, solve problems or make recommendations.

IT Skills

Asides applying for IT jobs that require knowledge of programming language. Employers also expect that you have little knowledge of some specific applications such as Microsoft word, Excel, PowerPoint and many more.

Problem solving

This involves applying problem solving strategies in several areas; developing creative and innovative solutions.

Planning and Organising

Employers are on the look out for candidates who are able to participate in improvement and planning processes of the company. You also need to be able to set project goals and deliver in time.

Initiative and Entrepreneurial Skills

You don’t have to be an entrepreneur before you can display this skill. Coming up with creative ideas, spotting an unexposed opportunity and making good use of it and working on processes that would increase efficiency or results.

There are so many skills you can add to your resume either soft skills or hard skills. Click here to find out more.

The most important thing is to work on yourself and be willing to learn more.