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S3.1  Conform with all applicable laws, rules, regulations and statutory requirements in the Republic of Nigeria and from other relevant regulatory authorities from time to time.

S3.2  Comply with the service standards, rules and processes set out by STUDENTHUBNG and its Customers from time to time.

S3.3  Remedy any breach of the service standards or any other breaches within seven (7) days of being notified, without prejudice to the provisions of the related Services Mandate which shall take precedence where the remedy period is shorter.

S3.4  Ensure and confirm successful completion of all executed transactions strictly in accordance with the stipulations of the related Services Mandate.

S3.5  In all cases in the course of rendering Authorised Services, comply strictly with all laid down standards and procedures relating to validating a Customer’s identity to avoid entering into fraudulent transactions or dealing with fraudsters.

S3.6  Comply strictly with all stipulated electronic and/or manual record keeping standards and procedures in relation to the Authorized Services.

S3.7  Grant to Inspecting Officers from STUDENTHUBNG and/or its Customers upon proper notification and identification, full access to relevant locations, documents, reports, records and data.

S3.8  Comply strictly with all cash Transaction limits that may be put in place from time to time and as duly communicated to the FIELD AGENT in writing by STUDENTHUBNG with regards to each Services Mandate.

S3.9  Where a Customer wishes to transact above specified limit, the FIELD AGENT shall refer the Customer to the appropriate location where such Authorised Services can be delivered.

S3.10  The FIELD AGENT shall not delegate or sub-contract the responsibilities stipulated in this Agreement.

S3.11  Promptly refer all disputes with Customers on whether a transaction was successful or unsuccessful to STUDENTHUBNG through the authorized channels for appropriate actions and resolution.

S3.12  In the event that any loss is incurred and arises from such disputed transactions as a result of the FIELD AGENT’s non-compliance with the related laid down service standards, the FIELD AGENT shall indemnify STUDENTHUBNG and/or the Customer to the tune of the transaction amount or the actual loss incurred whichever is lower.

S3.13  The FIELD AGENT shall be responsible to maintain such security safeguards to ensure the operating environment is secure as well as to obtain suitable and secure safes, cabinets as are necessary for the Authorized Services offered.

S3.14  The FIELD AGENT may take out necessary insurance policies with a reputable insurer to safeguard the premises, his/her service delivery devices, cash in possession and cash in transit against theft, fire, loss, injuries to persons and any other necessary insurance for the business undertaken as the FIELD AGENT may deem necessary.

S3.15  STUDENTHUBNG shall not be liable for any loss suffered by the FIELD AGENT arising from the FIELD AGENT Infidelity, insecurity of premise or any other means whether or not the FIELD AGENT holds a valid insurance cover.