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Insurance Plan

Master August 6, 2020
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Capture all required insurance plan details correctly

  • ✓  Be absolute sure that you have explained the details of all available Healthcare Insurance Plans to the Beneficiary, including all their respective Terms and Conditions e.g. Waiting Period, Cover Limit, Services Covered and Services Not Covered, etc
  • ✓  Please ensure you only sell Healthcare Insurance Values (Benefits), and not the respective Insurance Plan Prices !!!
  • ✓  Confirm that the Beneficiary understood all your explanations, and that he/she has freely chosen his/her desired Healthcare Insurance Plan, as well as his/her preferred Hospitals
  • ✓  Be absolutely sure of the Sub-Group to use, based on your interaction with the Beneficiary
  • ✓  Be absolutely sure of the Healthcare Insurance Plan and preferred Hospitals chosen by the Beneficiary
  • ✓  Reconfirm the Beneficiary’s consent to the Price, Payment and other terms of the chosen Healthcare Insurance Plan, again