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Mobile Field Agent Network

Master July 15, 2020
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We are setting up a 50,000 + Youth Workforce across the country to take advantage of the multi-product/service “Mobile Field Agency” opportunities that come up regularly in Nigeria. 

In an emerging economy, we work with organisations and government to address the issues of digitalisation, data collection, sales, distribution, collections, marketing and market research. 

We work with the businesses across different industries to ensure we constantly provide income earning opportunities for our agents.

Signing up individuals as mobile/field agents under the StudentHub platform is part of our responsibility to provide Nigerian youths with part time employment opportunities while they pursue permanent employment or help them earn extra cash toward starting their own businesses.

This service is divided into Six (6) major categories with other sub categories. This training is to give an in-depth explanation to the financial inclusion service specifically the UBA Moni Agent project and how to carry out these responsibilities in the field.