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Master July 15, 2020
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Transactions will be conducted using your mobile device

  1. Download the official UBA Moni Agent Mobile Application on your Mobile Phone (Link to be provided soon via email and made available on google playstore)
  2. Sign in with your NIBSS agent account
  3. Fill in the required details
  4. Establish yourself as a UBA Moni Agent in your immediate environment by canvassing your area, introducing the services to individuals and businesses

Conducting Transactions

  1. Identify yourself as a UBA Moni Agent providing the authorized services
  2. Inform the customer of the respective transaction fees before proceeding with the transaction
  3. Ensure you have adequate network service and data
  4. Verify customer’s identity using the soft or hard token authentication process
  5. Proceed with the selected transaction
  6. Ensure you receive an approval for each transaction
  7. An e-receipt (SMS/Email) will be sent to you as a confirmation of successful transaction. Keep a record of the e-receipts received for each transaction
  8. In cases where a confirmation message or email is not received immediately, keep a physical record in a journal or booklet and inform STUDENTHUBNG immediately via email on agents@studenthubng.com


AGENT shall comply strictly with the agreed standards and procedures relating to validating a Customer’s identity to avoid entering into fraudulent transactions or dealing with fraudsters which is Soft or hard token as a means of authenticating customer initiated withdrawal from the use of account number or validated PIN from customer initiated transaction through a debit/prepaid card. 


  1. A transaction shall be deemed to be successful once it has been authorized by The Banking system and the Agency Software received the Authorization Code.
  2. In the event of a dispute between AGENT and a customer on whether a transaction was successful or unsuccessful, AGENT shall refer the matter to STUDENTHUBNG who will in turn refer to THE BANK. THE BANK shall confirm whether the transaction was successful or not based on the impact of the transaction on the system and determine the appropriate action. 
  3. In the event that any costs or loss is incurred and arises from such disputed transactions as a result of AGENT non-compliance with the laid down service standards referred to herein, AGENT will indemnify STUDENTHUBNG or the Customer to the tune of the transaction amount incurred or suffered as a result of such non-compliance


AGENT is required to keep proper records (electronic) in relation to the Authorized Services

AGENT shall grant to STUDENTHUBNG’s Inspecting Officers and Agent Managers upon proper notification and identification, full access to relevant documents, reports, records and data.


The table below contains the transaction limit based on authentication type as allowed by THE BANK (Per Customer/Card)

 S/N Authentication Type Limit per TransactionLimit per Day
 1 OTP N20,000N50,000
 2 Hard Token N50,000N100,000

AGENT shall comply with all cash Transaction limits THE BANK may put in place from time to time and as duly communicated to AGENT in writing by STUDENTHUBNG

Any Transactions above the allowable Transaction limit, if any, shall be declined. 

Where a Customer wishes to transact above THE BANK’s specified limit, AGENT shall refer the Customer to THE BANK.

AGENT shall not set any Transaction limits over and above the specified Agent Transaction limits stated.