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Prohibited Activities

Master July 15, 2020
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The FIELD AGENT shall NOT engage in any of the following prohibited activities:

S4.1  Operate when there is communication failure in the system.

S4.2  Carry out offline transactions or carry out a transaction when a transactional receipt or acknowledgement in form of email and/or SMS cannot be generated.

S4.3  Carry on business after opting out of or delisted from a Job Order.

S4.4  Offer any type of guarantee in favor of the Customers.

S4.5  Provide, render or hold itself out to be providing or rendering any Authorized Service on behalf of STUDENTHUBNG and/or its Customers which is not specifically permitted in this Agreement and/or any duly communicated Services Mandate.

S4.6  Continue with the agency business when the FIELD AGENT has a criminal record or disciplinary case involving fraud, dishonesty or any other financial impropriety.

S4.7  Approve any loan or provide cash advances on behalf of STUDENTHUBNG and/or its Customers.

S4.8  Carry out Transactions in excess of Transactions Limit set by STUDENTHUBNG and/or its Customers.

S4.9  Carry out Transactions which are not specifically permitted and/or which are specifically forbidden in this Agreement purportedly under this Agreement.

S4.10  Decline any transactions on the basis of race, age, religion, gender, or politics.