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Rules & Regulations

Master July 15, 2020
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S2.1  The FIELD AGENT shall conspicuously display STUDENTHUBNG and/or its Customers’ logo at all the FIELD AGENT locations, outlets and/or points of service.

S2.2  The FIELD AGENT shall expressly bring to the notice of the Customer a list of the Authorized Services.

S2.3  The FIELD AGENT shall create adequate awareness in its location for STUDENTHUBNG and/or its Customers’ Authorized Services.

S2.4  The FIELD AGENT shall clearly bring to notice of the Customers that all Transactions must be concluded electronically and Receipts must be obtained by email or SMS for every transaction concluded.

S2.5  The FIELD AGENT must inform the Customer, before the Transaction is initiated, of the applicable charges for the Authorized Services.

S2.6  The FIELD AGENT must provide for the Customers the dedicated customer service telephone numbers of STUDENTHUBNG and/or its Customers, where required. These can be found on fliers and/or transaction receipts.

S2.7  The FIELD AGENT shall from time to time provide to STUDENTHUBNG and/or its Customers such information as STUDENTHUBNG and/or its Customers may require for purposes of complying with their regulatory reporting obligations, or any other information that STUDENTHUBNG and/or its Customers may require concerning the activities under this Agreement. The information should be supplied within the requested timelines and in the specified format.

S2.8  The FIELD AGENT shall be required to maintain a transaction record, being evidence of every transaction undertaken in the specified format or in such manner as shall be required by STUDENTHUBNG and/or its Customers.

S2.9  The FIELD AGENT shall take all reasonable steps to protect the good name and reputation of STUDENTHUBNG, its Customers and the Authorized Services.

S2.10  The FIELD AGENT shall not directly or indirectly be involved or knowingly, recklessly or negligently permit any other person to be involved in any fraud and shall notify STUDENTHUBNG and/or its Customers immediately upon becoming aware of any fraud or suspicious activities.

S2.11  The FIELD AGENT agrees to hold in confidence this Agreement and all information, documentation, data and know-how disclosed to it by STUDENTHUBNG and/or its Customers and/ or in pursuance of the Authorized Services and shall not disclose to any third party or use Confidential Information other than in connection with the performance of this Agreement or any part thereof without STUDENTHUBNG and/or its Customers’ prior written consent.

S2.12  The FIELD AGENT shall not split a transaction by requiring the customer to undertake numerous transactions in place of a single transaction requested by the customer in order to increase the FIELD AGENT commissions or violate Transaction Limits.

S2.13  The FIELD AGENT shall only use Trademarks and Trade names for the purpose of promoting and providing the Authorized Services during the Agreement Period and for no other purpose whatsoever, PROVIDED that the FIELD AGENT shall not use any promotional material whatsoever to advertise the Services unless such material is supplied by or approved in writing by STUDENTHUBNG and/or its customers.

S2.14  The FIELD AGENT shall comply with the terms of all Schedules to this Agreement as may be updated from time to time.

S2.15  The FIELD AGENT shall bear the cost of providing, running and maintaining its locations and service delivery devices throughout the period of this agreement.