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#WCW – Adenike Adebukola Akinsemolu

Our WCW this week is a pacesetter and all-round wonderwoman.

Adenike Adebukola Akinsemolu is a Nigerian Environmental educator and a social entrepreneur. She is a Lecturer at the Obafemi Awolowo University (Adeyemi College Campus).

She is one of the leading Nigerian Environmental sustainability advocates and she has been recognized as the country’s leading expert on environmental sustainability.

Adenike is the founder of Green campus Initiative; the first campus based environmental advocacy organization in Nigeria. The Green Campus Initiative is focused on making environmentalism a part of the everyday experience for every Nigerian.

Beyond the environment, Adenike also exhibits her devotion to the girl child with her works towards promoting girl child education while creating awareness on several social issues. She founded the Girl Prize scholarship and mentorship program.

Adenike is a hero for girls across the country and we have to Stan her hard work!