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Our Superwoman crush this week is changing lives, one sector at a time, through her charity organization.

Kiki James is the founder of ACE Charity, a non-profit organization that is bettering the lives of underserved communities by providing help, support, and resources for their education and healthcare. The organization is also involved in the empowerment of members of these communities.

Kiki is globally recognized for her hard work and continued desire to provide access to literacy and quality education, affordable healthcare, and economic opportunities.

She is a Malala Fund Gulmakia champion and also the founder of Kind People Food bank @kpfoodbankng.

The ACE Charity is also the parent-organization for programs like; The Quality Education Through Learning Centers in Africa (QETLA) program, Mobile healthcare services, ACE Charity Business Empowerment Program for Women (BEPW), and more recently, the ACE Radio School.

Kiki James is a true icon.

We applaud her drive and passion for humanity!