Hire workers


Hiring takes a combination of great human resourcing skills and excellent knowledge of the requirements for the candidates. How then can you apply this to hiring the right candidate? Check out some tips below!

  • Commitment factor

You need to be sure that whoever you want to employ is going to be committed in their performance and productivity on the job. You can get a sense of this by reviewing their past experience and the structure of their application. This way, you can spot the possibility of commitment and it is a green light that you shouldn’t overlook.

  • Assessment test

While the CV is an essential part of the hiring process, it is not enough to make an employment decision. You need to find a way to test the level of efficiency they claim to have by conducting an assessment. This can be done during a first or final interview but it is important to remember that the test should be directly related to the role.

  • Interpersonal attitude

One thing you should remember is that this candidate is coming to join the other employees you have, and it is important that they get along for team purposes. Always look out for the best qualified candidate with an added edge of great interpersonal skills. You need to be sure that this candidate is tolerable and can relate well with people, in order to avoid conflict within the team.

By hiring the right candidate, you can ensure that productivity will be maintained and growth will be consistent.

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-Balogun Gbemisola O.