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Why exactly are we washing our hands?

One of the most important health campaigns since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic is the need for constantly washing our hands.

It is a recommended safety measure by the WHO and national health agencies, to prevent the spread of the virus.

We get that part but, how exactly does washing our hands helps us against the coronavirus? Here are the reasons!

  • Avoid transmission after contact with infected persons

Shaking hands with, hugging, or merely being in the same environment with an infected person can make you come in contact with the virus. If the area of contact is your hands and you put the hand to your eyes, nose, and/or mouth, or touch someone else with that hand, you are at great risk of being infected/infecting another person.

Therefore, consistent hand washing is very important to avoid transmission, especially if you were not away that the person has the virus.

  • Avoid transmission after contact with infected surfaces

While coming in contact with the infected person is the fastest way to get the virus, being in a place where the person has been also puts you at risk. Fluid from their body e.g cough, may have been left on certain surfaces and if you happen to touch these surfaces, you are also at risk.

So, if you go out and have to touch certain surfaces, the best thing to do is wash your hands as soon as you can, and as frequently as possible. This is to avoid infecting yourself or those around you.

  • Protect the immune system

Other than the coronavirus, there are other bacteria and particles that could cause a number of infections and to resist the gravity of coronavirus symptoms, it is important to have a healthy immune system. As a result, you need to always wash your hands as a preventive measure against other viruses and infections that threaten your immunity and expose you to the coronavirus.

  • Maintain conscious of the pandemic

Having to wash your hands frequently sends a message to your brain about the reason for constantly washing your hands. That way, you maintain a consciousness about the pandemic and are more preventive about your actions and movement.

  • Send a message to others

Seeing you wash and sanitize your hands sends a message to the people around you about the need for them to also carry out safety measures to prevent the spread and infection of the coronavirus.

It is a part of your social responsibility to do everything you can, to prevent transmission as much as you can, within your personal space.

Stay at home, wash your hands, and stay safe!