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Working From Home: How to create a schedule

WFH aka Working From Home is the new order of the day with the global pandemic and national lockdown situation.

However, coping with the work from home routine can be quite daunting for some people who are not used to working remotely.

One of the hardest parts about settling into the work from home routine is maintaining a proper schedule. The work hours are more flexible and, depending on your level as an employee, more tasking, and demanding.

The best way to balance working from home in a way that doesn’t affect your personal life is to create a schedule that works for you. Here’s how;

1. Test out your routine

The first step to know how to fix something is to establish what the actual problem is. Testing your routine helps you identify the natural schedule for your work times and create allowances for your break times.

2. Set a pace

By knowing the times for your daily routines, you can set a pace for your work and create a productive schedule to optimize your work hours.

3. Draft your schedule

From there on, you can draft the first schedule with the hours you need to be actively working and the hours you can be flexible with to catch up on left overwork. Do not forget to include break times in your schedule.

4. Put it into work

The next thing you need to do is implement your drafted schedule into your daily routine and see if it helps you work better or keeps you from being productive.

5. Make amendments

If your schedule works, then that’s great! If it doesn’t, then make the necessary adjustments to make it more comfortable and practical.

With time and consistency, you can develop a natural routine that won’t be altered by any distractions.

While working from home, you should remember to practice social distancing.

Wash your hands, Stay safe!