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Your ultimate guide to: Enjoy your weekend #COVID-19

Weeknd sang, “It’s the weekend, we are off the deep end…” and he definitely knew what he was talking about but, with the virus that has put the world in a state of confusion, it is important to enjoy the weekend SAFELY.

Here is the StudentHub NG ultimate guide to enjoying your weekend!

  • Drink a lot of water, skip the hard liquor for now.
  • Stay indoors -This is the best time to netflix, chill and be safe.
  • Eat healthy -Build up your immunity against the seasonal flu.
  • If you are bored, play games, watch TV, do not invite friends over for hangouts.
  • Stay away from crowded places.

We understand that the viral outbreak has stopped most major leagues, but you can have fun by being home. Just think outside the box.

The most important thing is to remain safe!