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Your ultimate guide to: Negotiating Salary

Any job-seeker can tell you the thrill of getting a call-back from a successful interview. Usually at this stage, you either go on to documentation (validating your credentials) or negotiations (salary and credentials).

It is at the negotiations stage that most people undervalue themselves, or succumb to the prior stress of job-searching and take what is being offered by the potential employer. However, under every circumstance, you must always attempt a negotiation for the offered price -even when it is 20 times more than your current income.

Think about it like the market, unless it is a fixed price (government income, for context) there is always room for discounts (increment). So always place a reposition for increase, unless you are absolutely sure that is the best offer and other possibilities are bleak.

Ready to negotiate? Here are five tips to guide you in the weary battle.


The first step is to place your request. If it’s an additional 5 -10 thousand, or 50 – 200, just ask for more. Chances are, if it is within what they can afford they’ll confirm the offer of employment and move on to documentation and resumption.


If they don’t immediately respond positively to your request for more pay, then listen to their reasons for being unable/unwilling to pay you more than the initial offer. Be sure to make sure that they are giving logical reasons and not just throwing you off the trail of negotiation.


After listening to their reasons for refusing the upgrade, highlight your values and what exactly it is you will be contributing exceptionally to their organisation then humbly ask for a re-examination of the offer.


When requesting that they examine the offer again, make sure you are kind and resilient. You don’t want them to think you are proud, but at the same time you don’t want to sound like you are pleading. Be assertive.


If they still maintain on their position, or a suggested compromise, then ask questions. The promotion schedule or possibility of an upgrade in your salary to let you be informed about the risk of settling for their offer. Once again, be kind and resilient.

Following these, you will be sure of getting the best possible offer.